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NH: Momoko Watanabe (Update) by LovelyAgeha NH: Momoko Watanabe (Update) by LovelyAgeha
Another update otl: Updated her appearance! 8D Cut her hair off because I got frustrated with her hair styles-- otl And I tried Lineless art again! Though it looks kinda odd.. kdgjdlkfjlk

Update: Changed Momoko's personality and bio- she was a little boring to me, so I wanted to make a reason to why she's so quiet, so. otl I hope it's ok.

Ahh Hi-
It's been a while since I've made a app for a group! ;v;

This is for the group :iconnagasaki-high: It looks really cute and fun, I hope I get in! (:
Sorry the drawing's a little poor, especially with the stuff I drew next to the table and the shelf. otl I tried my best-
Name: Watanabe, Momoko 「渡辺 桃子
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Birthday: September 23rd
Sexuality: Pansexual
Club: Basketball Club

♪Video Games
♪...Eating (Spicy Food)
Thunder/Lightning (It's more of a distraction than a fear)
Loud noises in general
Not being able to play violin
Putting effort into cleaning/ (Seriously thinks it's a waste of time sdlfkjlkj)
Being Ordered Around
Personality: Momoko's more or less a quiet person. She never really speaks much, and keeps to herself- not someone to poke into someone's business. She gives off a calm vibe, never seeming to be stressed or angry, and more nonchalant. She also has a tom-boyish look to her, and never seems to put much effort into things and is very un-organized. Sarcastic comments can slip out of her mouth sometimes, and actually likes lame puns and jokes. If you're ever looking to cool off or have quiet time, then Momoko's the person to go to. 

While quiet no matter who she's with, Momoko's mask will fall once she's closer with someone. She's much more than a person passing by in the hallways. 

Truly, Momoko very alert and cowardly- she doesn't really give her trust to anyone so easily, and keeps cautious, distancing herself easily with a silent voice and short replies. She's secretive over what likes and dislikes, and gets flustered when others find out (ex-- otome/dating games lololo) and starts acting awkward. With the people she's close with, she can have a sharp tongue, easily letting irritation come out. 


For most of her time childhood, Momoko spent time with her sister, Akira. She rarely ever saw her parents, who were both overseas doing their job (Being Cruise Line Workers), though it never got on her nerves. She was never the sociable type of kid, acting cold towards the kids in her neighborhood, causing her to be easily misunderstood. Her sister was the only one she smiled and acted like a 'child' around-- she was like her motherly figure. Akira would try and get her into different types of things, though because of Momoko's cold nature, she was quite hard to get along with, and found everything boring- only interested in TV shows and books/manga. 

Elementary School: 
Momoko opened up during Elementary, and had three friends she would be with daily-- Daisuke, Hayato, and Hitomi. They were very close, and did everything together. Though, with others, Momoko stayed emotionless, giving off a bad vibe to other people, which made her 3 friends concerned. As the end of middle school came to end, it felt like they distanced a bit- though they still would talk to each other now and then.

Middle School: 
Momoko and her 3 friends went to the same school, becoming close once again. They all joined a music club, always practicing with their instruments during lunch or break- even outside of the club. Akira was into music herself, teaching her sister how to play her violin. Momoko then became so focused that she ignored her friends for half of her time in middle school. When they confronted her about it, she told them things she really shouldn't have, shutting down the friendship they had for a long time- which resulted in Momoko trying desperately to find new friends, and began to hag out with the wrong crowd.
Upon her first two years of high school, she made a lot of wrong choices-- she dated people for a while a broke up with them unsatisfied, and had a lot of drama with her 'friends'. Once she realized how bad she was acting towards other people, she was too late to apologize. A lot of people already knew of her manipulative tactics, and she was the talk among gossip. She reverted back to her quiet self, her sister helping her attend a different school for a new start-- which was Nagasaki High.


Usual: "...sup."
Not ...usual: "Opinions aren't facts. That's why I don't care about what people think of me."  


♦Really really really loves cats hhh
♦She plays the Violin almost all the time; other than that, she either jogs, plays video games, or reads.
♦She likes the horror genre the best. > u >
♦She really hates saying goodbye, and often just says 'See ya'
♦Her sister suggested her joining a sports club because Momoko's really kinda lazy and weak; And Momoko choose the Basketball club/
♦Momoko's the one that cooked meals instead of her sister, because she'd just burn everything, so Momoko has some knowledge about making food.
♦She has an album that's full of pictures Akira took of her and the music club- as well as a framed picture of her and them / v /
♦Rolls up the sleeves of her uniform sweater
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